Learn English & Spanish in marbella


We have complete Spanish and English language Courses in Marbella for Beginners to advanced. Learn Spanish or English and improve your speaking and writing skills.

learn english and spanish in Marbella, marbella international spanish school

Spanish Classes in Marbella: Intensive Spanish Courses are designed for those students who want to become fluent in Spanish in the shortest possible time. Hold a conversation in Spanish. Learn the basics and some intermediate of Spanish grammar. Acquire basic and some intermediate Spanish skills.

English classes in Marbella: Support classes to help our students to understand and pass the subject and courses based on the Cambridge method so that they learn mainly to speak English, relying on the four basic skills: reading, speaking, listening and writing.

Learn Spanish in Marbella: The easy way to learn Spanish in Marbella International Spanish School, one of the best places to learn Spanish in Spain. Spanish Classes in Marbella, its the ideal location to learn Spanish and enjoy the great climate and live the Andalucian lifestyle.

learn english and spanish in Marbella, marbella international spanish school


You decide when, what and how.
Our private lessons are tailor-made to match your interests, level and needs, as well as your availability.
We adapt lessons according to your specific requirements, helping you to speak and understand Spanish in the short term or perfect your skills in line with your professional requirements, academic ambitions, work capacity, cultural interests, etc., all in a relaxed environment, your teacher adapting the learning materials to your needs and helping you to achieve your goals at your own pace.
Our private lessons are also an excellent choice if you would like to brush up your conversational skills.
We can also provide semi-private lessons for two students at the same level.




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