2017 Web Trends

Web site design trends for 2017


Great design is timeless. Yes, in an ideal world, we should ignore trends. Web pages change at a real fast pace especially in the last few years. Unlike in other media, design trends on the web are not just driven by aesthetics but by function and usability. the end user is the king at this game. as the latest technology is ever changing  and that can  alter the capabilities of the design and functionality.

In 2017, we’re seeing designers continuing to push the boundaries of web design, setting the following clear trends…

The overall design and functionality has brought new styles that dramatically open our minds with minimal open layouts, pushing the boundaries in the layout and format we thought was made in stone. The web goes beyond the screen, the user gets to see elements appear from all sides given freedom and a sense of no borders.

You know im going to say Typography, who isnt

enough said. Designers boldly use different kinds of typefaces, there are some noticeable typographical trends emerging.

Large typefaces are always going to shout louder but coupled with an elegant font, it speaks in volumes that we were not expecting.

Large font content, size 22px making a statement rather just blending the blurb into the background. the words expand to fill the entire screen. Sometimes thin serifs are added to create a dynamic contrast to the thick strokes. We also see on-screen words alternating in size.

Content is BIG

No more clutter with boring elements, make the content jump of the page, if its what you want to read, then make it readable, remove the plugins that bore the pants of users, taking the attention away from the entire point of a web page: the content.

Patterns.  No More Diamonds, Triangles or Reindeer.

No are you all bored with triangles, washed out colors 50% opacity and a Reindeer / stag stuck in the middle.. Lets see if the design teams can elaborate on the minimal color schemes and flat designs and Googles material design… Designers have started to Create engaging, interactive HTML5-based designs and motion graphics that can run on any device, they experiment with changing up the typical style on websites, creating new headers, removing headers, creative story telling with video and motions.  Now we are at the end flat design and the gradients have finally been killed off, using duotone imagery that combines a couple of colors together has proven to be a nice update with solid color areas.

The Home page out, the one page landing is in

In 2017 we see the landing page making a big comeback, creating a smooth one page example of the over bloated  20 page sites. the landing page can say everything and help get the clients to interact with you on a more personal basis, on the phone with the use of the , well call you back..




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