Edinburgh Hair Transplant

Edinburgh Hair Transplant

hair-transplant-clinic-edinburgh-dr-pannoNew Hair Treatment from Dr Panno.. In order to increase the comfort of our patients, we have a painless anesthesia system electronically assisted.

Dr. Panno offers minimally invasive hair restoration treatments to achieve undetectable, natural looking results with hardly any recovery time. His pioneering technique involves removing healthy hair follicles from one part of the head or body and transplanting them into the affected area. All types of conditions can be treated including, eyebrows, beards, covering scars from surgery and previous hair transplants.

  • All procedures are carried out by Dr. Panno’s highly trained team under local anesthetic
  • Dr. Panno’s follicular unit extraction technique doesn’t require any stitches Denser packed hair for a more natural look and full feel
  • Quicker recovery time than the strip harvesting method (which removes a strip of skin)

Hair Transplant Clinic in Edinburgh. Dr Panno



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