FASTHEAL Hair Transplant technique

Natural density. FASTHEAL Hair Transplant technique.

fastheal-technique-FUE-hair-transplantNatural density for life FUE Hair Transplants

Picture shows results 3 days after the procedure with exclusive FASTHEAL TECHNIQUE created by Dr. Panno.

FUE follicular unit extraction, this technique is the evolution of an old technique called punch. It is done as a day surgery under local anesthesia and mild sedation in our clinic in Marbella. In a specially design hair transplant theater but with your comfort and safety as priority. It involves shaving the back of the head so that the skin is exposed for the doctor to select each graft for extraction.

Dr Panno now designs the hair line using your hairs own natural pattern and orientation with his knowledge of its growth, so the best possible result is achieved. Then making incisions of only 0.8mm to 1mm wide by 3mm deep to accommodate the follicular units and leaving minimal marks on the recipient area giving the density you desire. Now technical team will gently place all the follicular units harvested into these incisions.

Why would I choose FUE?

Though the basic principle is the same as with older transplant procedures (you’re essentially uprooting hair from one part of the body and embedding it in another) it’s popular because it delivers more natural-looking results. It’s also less painful – and downtime is minimal. “Healing time is dependent on skin type, but the grafts take in a matter of days and redness settles in about 4-5 days.

Contact Dr Panno today detailed free quotation.. Phone: +34 952586286 +34 667679789

Marbella Hospital: Ctra N-340 km 176 Puerto Banus, Marbella



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