Hair Transplant Clinic in Marbella

Hair Transplant Clinic in Marbella, Anti Aolpecia treatments

Hair transplant clinic in marbella, get-your-hair-back-dr-pannoHair transplant clinic in Marbella Dr Panno, Regenerative hair Therapy and hair transplant surgery in Marbella Andalucia.

Hair Transplant Clinic in Marbella. FUT, FUE and Tricomplete Hair Treatments

Falling hair? Don’t suffer Alopecia silently, hair transplant is the only solution.

Whether it is FUT, FUE or Tricomplete at Dr Panno´s hair transplant clinic in Marbella we will find the right treatment for you. Hair transplant is the ever increasing choice for people suffering from hair loss, and at our clinic on the Costa del Sol Dr Panno has been consulting and treating men and women for many years.

The science and technology behind hair transplant has evolved dramatically over the past decade and now treating patients isn’t something for only the rich and famous.

It has been reported that cosmetic surgery for men has become extremely popular over the last few years and the media hype around hair transplants has pushed up sales as celebrities are admitting having the procedure done. If you are thinking about having a hair transplant there are many things to consider and you need to take time to research and really work out if it is right for you. Here are the two most popular techniques which cater for different problems.

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